Ashcom Technologies Strengthens Relationship with Ultra Dairy


Ashcom Technologies Strengthens Relationship with Ultra Dairy

Ann Arbor, Michigan (March 2, 2010) – Ashcom Technologies, Inc., today announces that it has significantly strengthened its long-term relationship with Ultra Dairy. Based in DeWitt, New York, Ultra Dairy has used Ashcom’s MaintiMizer™ computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to manage its maintenance operations since 2004.  Most recently, Ashcom held a three-day customized training session at the Ultra Dairy facility to help new maintenance personnel quickly learn how to use MaintiMizer™ efficiently and effectively.

Marvin Anderson, CMMS Specialist at Ultra Dairy, states, “Ashcom Technologies has always been there for us, going back to when our sister facility started using MaintiMizer™ in the mid-1990s. For example, they often check in just to make sure the system is doing what we want it to do. We knew our new maintenance personnel needed training, but with a 24/7 operation it was hard to schedule that training effectively. Ashcom knew our needs and found a solution-they  brought their training to us at our location.”

“We greatly value the loyalty of long-term clients like Ultra Dairy,” says Timothy Good, president of Ashcom Technologies. “We’re pleased that the MaintiMizer™ maintenance management solution has been a part of Ultra Dairy’s success and look forward to a strong and successful relationship between our two companies for many years to come.”

About Ultra Dairy

Opened in 2004, the Ultra Dairy plant is a 110,000 sq. ft. ultra pasteurization manufacturing facility in Dewitt, New York. The plant features investments in both Ultra High Temperature (UHT) and Extended Shelf Life (ESL) technology. Ultra Dairy is the sister company of Byrne Dairy. Established in 1933, Byrne Dairy bottles tens of millions of gallons of milk, cream, and ice cream annually, distributing its products throughout the entire Eastern Seaboard.

About Ashcom Technologies, Inc.

Since 1985, Ashcom Technologies, Inc., has been an industry leader in the development and installation of state-of-the-art systems and technology designed to help organizations save money, increase quality, and improve the bottom line. MaintiMizer™, Ashcom’s flagship computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), is the choice of more than 3,000 customers in a variety of industries worldwide. For additional information, please contact or call toll-free (800) 366-0793 (outside the U.S., call +1-734-665-1780).

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