Ashcom Technologies Congratulates Mike Jackino, SUNY-Fredonia’s 2014 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service Winner


Last winter, Ashcom Technologies was approached by SUNY-Fredonia and asked if we would write a recommendation for Mike Jackino for their annual Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service. Mike Jackino is the Assistant Director Facility Services for SUNY-Fredonia, and is a longtime MaintiMizer user. We were delighted to support Mr. Jackino in receiving this prestigious honor.

We are more than pleased to announce that Mr. Jackino won the 2014 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service award! The entire staff at Ashcom Technologies would like to congratulate Mr. Jackino! Thank you for doing what you do and letting us report our successful working relationship to SUNY-Fredonia. People like you are why we feel so passionately about what we do!

Interested in reading about Mike’s relationship with Ashcom Technologies? Check out our recommendation letter below:

I was contacted and asked to write a recommendation letter in favor of Mike Jackino for this year’s Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service. I cannot tell you how excited I am for Mike to be honored in this way and to put the support of Ashcom Technologies behind him all the way.

Mr. Jackino has been integral in the implementation, maintenance, and use of MaintiMizer™ Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) at SUNY-Fredonia. He has championed our software with his staff and has gone above and beyond to facilitate a valuable relationship between Ashcom Technologies and the university. Our collective experience of working with Mr. Jackino over the past 18 years has been nothing but positive and we believe he is an excellent candidate for the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service.

In Mr. Jackino’s 23 years with Fredonia, he has seen the maintenance department transition from having no CMMS system, to implementing their first system, MaintiMizer, and then upgrading to a new system platform. Mr. Jackino was a key player in determining if upgrading MaintiMizer Web Edition was the best move for Fredonia and we worked closely with him during this process. He was very organized, courteous, and knowledgeable. He researched several different CMMS options and conveyed to us what the university needed and wanted out of a new CMMS system. Mr. Jackino really took responsibility for the upgrade project and we were delighted to work with him.

Mr. Jackino knows his staff and his facility, and always has their best interests in mind. We have witnessed his superior managing style with his staff and his determination to learn minute details of MaintiMizer so that Fredonia can get the most use out of it. When we visit, he is always a gracious host ensuring we have everything we need to make the most of our time both professionally and personally. We wish all of our clients had a ‘Mike Jackino’ for two reasons; 1) to make their facility’s maintenance department run smoothly and efficiently (Fredonia has one of the best Tool Room setups we’ve ever seen!) and 2) to make our interactions with them mimic our interactions with Mr. Jackino, always positive and moving forward.

It is not often we meet such an engaged person and collectively, we all enjoy working with Mr. Jackino. He has gone above and beyond what we anticipate out of our clients. He was willing to be a beta test site for our new program and has participated in our User Advisory Board and our User Conference. Mr. Jackino has not only benefited Fredonia, he had benefited our company’s growth and development.

I believe Mike Jackino is a great candidate and is well deserving of the 2013-2014 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service. Thank you for allowing me to participate in this nomination. I look forward to hearing he has received this distinct honor. —Carol Gourlay

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